The Wheater

A blend of 7 year old wheated merchant Bourbon and 2 year old wheated bourbon of our own making. Our whiskey is distilled at 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit over a four day period using two unique yeast strains; one to bring out the grain profile in the resultant beer and the other to bring fuity esters to the forefront for distillation. A proportion of caramel malt is added to increase the aromatics of the finished whiskey. The mash is then double pot distilled where tight heads and tails cuts are subsequently made along with an initial foreshot cut.

The spirit enters the maturation process at 105 proof into a number 2 char, toasted head, 53 gallon, Kelvin Cooperage New American Oak Barrel. The whiskey is subsequently aged until it reaches maturation in our barrel Chai / Cellar. The merchant barrels are hand selected to fit our profile and are aged in our Chai / Cellar an additional two years after purchase. Each merchant blend is graded and married with our existing wheated stock in a stainless steel tank where we aerate to further marry the two spirits and gradually proof down to prevent saponification.

90 Proof


Rich mahogany, heavy legs on the glass.


Deep and rich aroma full of vanilla and baking spices. No ethanol burn. Caramelized vanilla.


Sweet on entry with lots of vanilla cake frosting, as well as a full bodied creamy mouth feel. Spicy on the back of the pallet. Finish is sweet and well balanced with oak tannin. Lingering caramel, vanilla and nutmeg.