Aquavit is distilled from 100% grain neutral spirits produced from corn, caraway, coriander, juniper and dill. Hints of cardamom and citrus are our primary flavor contributors for this gorgeous, clear spirit.

We grist and macerate our botanicals in 70 proof neutral alcohol in our copper pot still for 18-24 hours prior to distillation.

A blend of 10 unique botanicals are married in our copper pot still to bring the crispness of fine gin with savory flavor o f world class Aperitif. Enjoy this caraway and coriander flavored beauty as a shot, in the chilled glass or in the finest blended cocktail. We recommend using it in a Bloody Mary.



Crystal clear and sparkling with light, subtle luminescence with heavy legs on the glass.


Bright, crisp citrus character that offers a bouquet of savory spices including caraway and coriander which rounds out an almost earthy undertone.


Strong, forward flavor notes of sweet orange and caraway.


Sweet, but very heavy bodied offering spicy notes to the sides of the palate. Black pepper and dill come through light and elegant and are well balanced with other savory herbs and botanicals. A slight apple note, with hints of pine and juniper balance and earthy and slightly pastoral sweetness that carries through to the finish.


Sweet note down the middle, spice lingers at the sides of the tongue and concludes with coriander.


Long and lingering, lots of culinary notes. Presents with a dessert wine finish that contains a bit of fresh citrus.


Double Gold

  • 2018 Sip Awards

  • 2018 Great American International Spirits Competition


  • 2017 Sip Awards

  • 2018 New York International Spirits Competition

Consumer’s Choice

  • 2018 Sip Awards


  • 2018 American Distilling Institute Awards