Spirits of French Lick

Our craft verges on Alchemy and our quality is a reflection of our devotion to presenting the world a truly agrarian spirit built from the ground up in Indiana. We mill all of our own grains on site, with as much passion for the raw materials as for the finished product. Our milling operation and locally grown grains are truly at the heart of all we do. We rely on both time tested methodology and new innovations in our distilling program to craft a spirit that has defined character that is driven equally by grain, barrel, yeast, and experience. Our only rule: “Respect the Grain”


Our distillations are cold and slow, our methods are adaptations and improvements upon knowledge from a range of distillation types. They are an amalgam of world traditions tailored specifically to bring forth a spirit that balances the aspects that only hands on work and nature can provide. We are artists and gamblers, millers and distillers and this is our signature, our soul. Enjoy responsibly.