Old Tom Gin

Old Tom is a gin recipe popular in the 18th-century England. In modern times, it became rare but has experienced a resurgence in the “Craft Cocktail” movement. It is slightly sweeter than London Dry, but slightly drier than the Dutch Jenever, thus sometimes called “The Missing Link”.

The name Old Tom Gin purportedly came from wooden plaques shaped like a black cat (an “Old Tom”) mounted on the outside wall of some pubs above a public walkway in 18th-century England. Owing to the Gin craze, the British government tried to stem the flow of gin with prohibitive taxes and licensing, which drove the scene underground. Under the cat’s paw sign was a slot to put money in and a lead tube. From the tube would come a shot of gin, poured by the bartender inside the pub.

Our Old Tom Gin is made from a portion of corn-based Grain Neutral Spirits as well as a portion of 100% oat whiskey. The style is a throwback to older historical gins with a hint of sweetness in their profile. It relies on a blend of five citrus elements: sweet orange, bitter orange, lemon peel, lime peel, and grapefruit peel.



Crystal clear in the glass with long and streaming legs that linger on the sides of the glass.


Fruit forward with notes of juniper and cinnamon.


Rich and creamy mouth-feel. The juniper is subdued with bright citrus notes and a hint of baking spice. Good length and is well balanced. Ice opens up the floral and citrus aroma tremendously and brings forth more subdued elements, including a sweet cereal note.


Lingering notes of fruit and cinnamon. The is very full-bodied gin that drinks as well neat as it does in a cocktail.


Best of Category

  • 2018 American Distilling Institute

Double Gold

  • 2018 Sip Awards


  • 2018 American Distilling Institute

  • 2018 Distilled San Diego

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