Stamper’s Creek Rum

Stamper's Creek is distilled from high grade molasses that come from Louisiana sun-dried sugar cane with no sugars removed. The mash is then fermented at 57 degrees over a two-week period using a a specially selected strain of wine yeast in order to capture all of the aromatic, estery, and phenolic compounds of the raw material. This rum is produced from a blend of two batches. In the second batch we used backset from the previous batch to sour the wash for fermentation and lower the pH. This rum was double pot distilled slow and cold to retain and concentrate the flavors of the molasses. The average proof of hearts is 140. The final product is tank rested in stainless steel and aerated to blow off unwanted volatile phenolics.

90 Proof


Clear in the bottle with slight haze from ester production. Streaming legs down the sides of the glass.


Fresh molasses and brown sugar. Baked, buttered sweet potato. Highly aromatic.


Initial Sweetness of brown sugar. Baking spices resolve to a creamy mouthfeel towards the middle of the palette. Finish shows off the phenolic character of dark molasses with some dark chocolate and vanilla influences.



  • 2019 Denver International Spirits Competition