White Bourbon

This white whiskey is made using 100% Indiana grown corn. It is fermented using superior wine/brandy yeasts at colder temperatures than most "white dog" or "moonshine" whiskeys. This brings out and highlights the sweeter, fruitier, nuances of the raw grain material. It is double distilled in our two pot stills and we make very precise cuts between heads, hearts, and tails. These cuts are made to create an immensely drinkable product more akin to a fine European fruit Eau-De-Vie.

98 Proof


Crystal clear, viscous and leggy.


Surprisingly floral and fresh. The oats are way up front, soft, sweet and almost vanilla. Very approachable and lures you in, entirely different from moonshines and other "white dogs" on the market.


Immediate oat meal notes with hints of butterscotch and vanilla


Spreads across the palate for full mouthfeel, velvety, sweet and very creamy. A slight earthy complexity comes forward from the wheat to provide some contrast and constraint to the sweetness with a tiny bit of heat / cinnamon that dances on the top of the tongue.


An almost dark chocolate / slightly tannic note makes its appearance along with a bit of peach. Sweet and buttery with only faint heat. Gorgeous oat flavor stands up through and through.


Long and silky, hangs around leaving the impression of grandma's snickerdoodle cookies. Butterscotch, cinnamon, and vanilla all make appearances and beckon to revisit the glass once more.