We put a lot of pride into perfecting our distillations. Vodka of course is the purest spirit one can coax from the alchemical sciences. This elegant vodka uses 100% Indiana grown corn as a base grain. The Vodka is then distilled in a twenty plate column still to a high proof and for purity. It is then polished by a single pass through our copper pot still creating a near neutral spirit. This final pass allows us to skillfully retain only the sweetest and cleanest center of the run with just a glimmer of pot still character. This cut is simply known as the heart.

80 Proof


Completely transparent. Shimmering. Some legs in the glass.


Clean and neutral. A slightly sweet and almost honeyed character comes through due to the pot still finish.


Balanced and airy with a hint of sweetness.


Somewhat viscous on the tongue. Sweet note hits its high mark; again a somewhat honey character.


Smooth, sweet note spreads across the palate. Fades and finishes with a little hint of fresh corn, no spice on the side of the palate.


Surprisingly long, ending with a subtle sweet note.

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